Divorce and Child Custody in Missouri

Due to high divorce rates in America, child custody and support cases are becoming some of the most common cases in family law. When a couple decides to divorce, there is an immediate factor to be considered that will affect the entire case: are there children involved?

The state of Missouri aims to consider the best interests of the child when determining custody. How the courts determine a child’s best interests include the following factors:

  • Each parent’s plan and wishes for the child

  • The emotional needs of the child

  • Who the child wants to live with

  • Whether either spouse plans to move away from the area

  • Whether the parents encourage their child to have a good relationship with the other

  • Mental and physical health of each parent

  • Any history of abuse and/or neglect

The process of determining these things can be harrowing for children — especially young children — who may not fully understand their situation. For this reason, it is important you hire a family attorney who will take charge of your legal needs so you can tend to the needs of your children.

Child Support

Child support is usually determined by complex calculations based on a parent’s income. Since both parents must provide for their child, the parent without sole custody is typically the one responsible for paying child support out of their gross income. The following sources of income are taken into consideration when calculating child support:

  • Salaries

  • Wages

  • Commission

  • Severance pay

  • Pensions

  • Trust income

  • Partnership distributions

  • Social security benefits

  • Retirement benefits

  • Workers’ compensation benefits

  • Unemployment compensation

  • Disability insurance benefits

  • Veterans’ disability benefits

  • Military allowances

  • Rental or royalty income

To contest or seek a modification of child support agreements, you should have an attorney represent your contest on your behalf. If, on the other hand, you are the sole custody parent and are seeking unpaid child support, having an experienced child support attorney will help you get the funds you are owed to care for your children.

Any family matter can be complicated and rife with emotion. So hire an experienced attorney who will keep your best interests the top priority and who will genuinely care what happens to you and your family. Call my office today and schedule a free consultation.

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